Basswood Hitchhicked into France

I could not sleep this morning worrying about Basswood.  I got up at 4:30 and logged onto Garden Seed’s Facebook account.  Germany and France are several hours ahead, and I figured he would write soon.  I only had to wait twenty minutes before he wrote.  I was so worried about Basswood because the bank froze his card yesterday when he tried to get money out.


I do have the comfort of knowing that he can survive without money if he needs to.  He even has taught me how to stealth camp when needed.  Though when I stealth camp with Basswood we have the van with us.


Basswood wrote that he is in Annecy France.  He hitchhiked from Stuttgart Germany yesterday  He said he was able to get one ride across Switzerland through the Alps.  He checked out the Basel tower in Zurich Switzerland and then walked across into France.  He was finally able to get some money out of his account this morning.


Basswood is hitchhiking to  Carsassonne France for some kind of hippie gathering.  I Googled Carsassonne and hippies and found the Carassonne Festival.  The travel website I found said,  “The Carcassonne Festival is the unmissable event of the summer and in July puts on almost one hundred concerts and shows, including French and international variety shows, theatre, circus, dance, jazz, opera and classical, 80 of which are free, in prestigious venues around the city.”


Basswood has been hitchhiking around the world for enough years that he has friend who invite him to these different hippie events so they can meet up again.  He is planning on going to some kind of gathering in England next month.


Yesterday’s post about US Bank freezing Basswood’s card.