Basswood entering Guatemala

Basswood called and said that the Fungi Bus was entering Guatemala this morning. He said that they should be at the Fungi Academy this evening. There are only seven of them on the bus now. They have given rides to several hitchhikers and fellow travelers along the way.



Basswood told about visiting Piramide del Sol at the sacred Mesoamerican ruins of Teotihuacan in Mexico and the park ranger climbed up after them to kick them off the pyramid and ask them to leave the park and not come back.



Just for fun, when they got to the bottom of the pyramid, they all ran in different directions. The park ranger called for backup in rounding them all up. Basswood said that he learned several new Spanish cuss words in the process.  Fungi Crew at the pyramid.

Basswood said that they have been teaching people about the benefits of fungi along the way and they plan on holding a week long seminar at the Fungi Academy in a couple of weeks.


What I am most excited about is that Basswood told me they have collected a banana box full of landrace seeds on their trip from San Francisco to Guatemala.  When they get to the Fungi Academy he plans on making some swells to hold water on the grounds and then start some experimental landrace gardens.   They hope to be able to feed the people that come to their seminars with the food they grow.