Basswood and his Landrace Seeds

Basswood searches the internet for seed companies that sell heirloom and landrace seeds.  On his Central American trips he meets farmers at the market and asks them about the beans they are selling to see if he can collect them for seeds.  Last summer it rained so often that most things did not grow well.  The exception to that was a couple of landrace varieties of beans that were grown by native tribes in the past, and the landrace fava beans that he collected.

Basswood with his seeds

Basswood will spend hours going trough his seeds planing what he wants to grow next year and which landrace seeds he wants to store for a few years.  We never want to grow all our seeds out in one year.  If the weather is bad that year we could lose a landrace variety that we have been working on.  We save enough landrace seeds to plant for three different years just in case we have a couple of bad years.

Working with seeds

Basswood also spent hours shelling beans and laying them out on drying trays so that they would dry enough to store.

Basswood working with seeds
Basswood putting seeds in packages.
Beans on drying trays.

I used sister’s photos in this blog.