Apple: Purple Rain

My mom asked me if we kept track of where we got all the apples from that we collected and planted the seeds, or how we are going to name them.  Well, we collected apples from all around the area and mixed the seeds together to see what comes up.  We want to start a landrace of apples.  (Yes, we know this will take about fifty years.  That is why we started last fall as soon as we bought our property.)  We are also aware that the majority of the trees will not produce marketable apples, so we are not going to take the time to name them all until we find a good apple.


We are making one exception.  Last year one of the places we collected apples from was a man who had several apple trees in his back yard.  One of his apple trees produced apples with skins that had a purple tint.  We made sure to get his permission to collect seeds from his trees.  (He said he thought we were crazy, but that we could help ourselves.)  There was even a volunteer crab apple growing next to his property, that had purple tinted apples, and we collected several of those as well.


We mixed the seeds from these apples with all the others...  A few days ago an apple tree came up with purple leaves.  We are going to call it "Purple Rain."  Do you think Prince would like to have an apple tree named in his memory, or are we going to have to come up with another name?