Garden Seeds

Developing seeds for Northern Minnesota

To help ensure biodiversity Garden Seeds is encouraging people to grow Landrace Seeds and Heirloom seeds.  We live in Northern Minnesota and our growing season is only about 108 days.  We at Garden Seeds are starting to work with heirloom vegetable seed varieties, hopeing to develop landrace vegetable garden seeds that are adapted to our location.  Landrace seeds are genetically diverse seeds that are adapted to local growing conditions.


One of my sons, "Basswood," likes to travel in the winter to get away from the ice and snow.  For the last couple of years he has gone to Guatemala where he hopes to learn their permaculture techniques and to find people who have been saving landrace and heirloom garden seeds for generations.  Last year he found a couple of landrace varieties of Fava beans that he brought back and we grew out. 


He also has become interested in learning about mushrooms and other fungi.  This year he is taking a ride on the Fungi Bus from San Francisco to Guatemala.  In Guatemala at the Fungi Academy they will learn and teach others about mushrooms and other fungi. You can read more about Basswood's trip aboard the Fungibus on our blog about Basswood's adventures.

Basswood's Blog