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Garden Seeds, working to promote heirloom seed companies that sell non-gmo seeds.  We want to make it easier to find small, local heirloom vegetable seed companies that specialize in landrace* or heirloom seeds.  Local seed companies may have seeds adapted to the local growing conditions of your heirloom vegetable garden or flower garden.


Each month Garden Seeds features an heirloom seed company.  Some of these seed companies sell landrace garden seeds as well as heirloom seeds.  We encourage you to learn about landrace seeds.  You might find they are a good fit for your garden.  For December 2016, we are featuring Garden Medicinals and Culinaries which is co-operatively owned and managed by Sapling, an egalitarian intentional community. They believe that seeds belong to the public and they grow their seeds as ecologically as possible.  They are working to preserve natural NON-GMO seed varieties for all of us.  We are excited to have so many niche garden seed companies listed on our site.  We hope that by listing all these garden seed companies you will find some that meet your needs.  Check out our Featured Seed Companies page to learn more about the landrace and heirloom seed companies we have featured.


*Landrace seeds are adaptive seeds.  Landrace seeds have diverse genetics that allow them to adapt to different growing conditions.  Landrace and heirloom seeds are non-gmo by definition.  We at Garden Seeds believe that landrace seeds hold the genetics to ensure food security.

Landrace beans from Mexico
Rainbow colored Beans








Fava Beans
Heirloom Fava Beans

Seed Companies

A List of Heirloom, Landrace
and adaptive seed companies.

echinacea purpurea. flower, heirloom
Echinacea Purpurea flowers

Heirloom Seeds

Open pollenated seeds
that have been handed
down for generations and
grow true to variety.

Landrace garden peas
Genetically diverse landrace peas

Landrace is truly survival
of the fittest. Growing
varieties together to get
the best plants for
your location.

Tree Seeds
Trees grow seeds

Tree Seeds

Grow trees from seed to
increase biodiversity.